Saturday, September 28, 2013

Caura The Happy Birthday Fairy

Caura is seven! To celebrate, we had a Rainbow Magic Birthday Party.

There are 7 Party Fairies, 7 colors of the rainbow, and 7 years that Caura has been on this Earth.

We put up Rainbow themed decorations.

Served Rainbow themed food.

Had fun with a Rainbow Pinata.

Had a delicious Cherry the Cake Fairy cake.

Made a Caura the Happy Birthday Fairy poster.

And had a super fun party! We painted nails, put on tattoos, launched flying balloons, opened presents, and of course, jumped on the trampoline. Rainbow Magic Birthday party was a success!

Happy Birthday, Caura!

Here's a little bit about 7 year old Caura:

1. She wants to know everything about everyone, their birthday, if they have kids, if they have pets.
2. She doesn’t want to disappoint anyone.
3. She wants to know about people in other countries.
4. She finds it strange that not everyone goes to church.
5. She likes to buy her lunch once a week.
6. She likes to know what time it is at all times.
7. She wants to know exactly how long it will take to get somewhere, and how long we will be there.
8. When you ask her what time it is, she’ll tell you the exact time, no estimates.
9. She feels special when I let her stay up to watch Wheel of Fortune.
10. She tells me that she’s going to be a really good Mommy.
11. She’s a comfort to Saige when Saige is crying.
12. She loves to play soccer.
13. She started her first grade year at an “end of 2nd grade reading level.”
14. She doesn’t like when people miss-pronounce her name, but also feels shy about correcting them. She instead just complains to me that I gave her a hard name.
15. She loves to read. All day long, whenever she can, especially the Rainbow Magic book series.
16. She got her hair cut short like me.
17. She can do more things herself this year, like make her own PB&J sandwich.
18. She can make friends anywhere.
19. When she comes home from school, she asks “what are we doing today?”
20. When she comes home from school, she also asks what the rest of us did that day.
21. As we pass by houses of people she knows, she has to point them out and tell us who lives there.
22. She really wants to go to a concert.
23. She is very giggly with her friends.
24. She’s always looking for rainbows, and when she spots a rainbow, she gets really excited and says, “That’s a promise from God.”
25. She has lost 8 teeth.
26. She finally likes strawberries.
27. She finally likes tacos.
28. She loves Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips.
29. She is modest now.
30. She gets upset when you do something differently than the way she’s used to.
31. She’s very good with road directions.
32. She points out cars that look like family members’ cars.
33. Her favorite part of our Maine Vacation was that there was a hot tub at the house.
34. She still points out airplanes.
35. She really likes being with the older kids in Junior Church.
36. She comments on current conditions, like “Oooh, this road sure is bumpy.”
37. She loves Good Luck Charlie and Jessie.
38. She can sing all the songs to Teen Beach Movie
39. She wants to bring a stack of books in the car every time we go out, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.
40. She’s in Jazz and Tap for dance this year. She did great during her last recital, she remember most of the moves.
41. She’s very proud of Saige when she does a big girl thing, like sleep in a regular bed.
42. She suggested that all three sisters sleep together in one room.
43. She still would rather wear a dress than pants.
44. She likes fancy shoes.
45. She loves wedding shows.
46. She wants to go to the Dress shops on the wedding shows when she gets married.
47. She has discovered mini golf, and loves it!
48. When I turn off a song or show she’ll ask me if I turned it off because it was inappropriate.
49. She likes to play games on the computer, and can work it without any help.
50. She loves cantaloupe and pineapple.
51. She is usually the first kid up every morning.
52. She waits until her clock says 7:00am before she can get up.
53. She sleeps with a stuffed elephant named, Ellie.
54. She runs to her bus and runs off her bus every day.
55. She’s pretty compliant.
56. She has a teacher’s pet personality.
57. When she’s excited about something, she’s SUPER loud and excited.
58. She likes Toby Mac, Newsboys, and Audio Adrenaline.
59. Her favorite show is America’s Funniest Home Videos.
60. She likes to smell the scratch and sniff on Yankee Candle Catalogs.
61. She desperately hopes every day that she gets mail.
62. When she runs during soccer, she crosses her fingers.
63. She likes learning motions to songs.
64. She loves to do crafts.
65. She likes to sit with “Uncle” Jason during worship at Church.
66. She points out that a song on is one we sing at Church.
67. She loves having water balloon fights.
68. She can swim in the deep end.
69. She can swim underwater.
70. She can jump off the diving board!
71. I can still get cuddles in with her.
72. Every morning she asks Danny if he will make her pancakes, because she knows she has a better chance of him making them than me.
73. She likes to be in charge of the remote.
74. She loves parties and wants to know the theme and what activities we’re going to do there.
75. She was the “screaming girl” in the Passion Play this year, and next year would like to be a Servant girl.
76. She loves to sing the Passion Play songs over and over.
77. She likes to run up the slide.
78. She can catch a chicken very quickly.
79. If she’s wearing heels and someone wants to take a picture of her, she’ll pose in a way that shows off her heels.
80. When a song comes on, she wants to know who the singer is, and if it’s a band, she wants to know the band member’s names.
81. She noticed that when she eats McDonald’s, it hurts her stomach.
82. She sleeps with an alarm clock in her bed.
83. She still doesn’t drink soda. She tried it, but didn’t like it. She said it stung her mouth.
84. She won’t eat eggs anymore, but loves egg salad sandwiches.
85. She loves to get her face painted.
86. She likes to be a helper.
87. Every day she asks what we’re having for dinner, but usually complains about it.
88. She loves roller coasters.
89. She had absolutely no problems holding the cicadas at camp, but cries at stink bugs.
90. She’s gotten pretty good at throwing a Frisbee.
91. She likes to point out that Ranger (cat) was my first baby.
92. She likes to “work” at Nanny and Grandpop’s greenhouses, and gets very excited when she gets a tip.
93. She still likes to mow grass with Dan on the riding mower.
94. She hunts out “wishies” (dandelions).
95. She gets upset if she doesn’t get 100 on her test.
96. She does not like football or that Dan watches it.
97. She likes cards that “sing.”
98. She sings all the time.
99. She likes to roast marshmallows, but doesn’t like to eat them.
100. She is 7 years old, and no longer has baby features, but she will always be my first baby!