Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Celery - It's Not Just For the Wonder Pets

I was sick for the entire month of May and didn't feel up to doing anything extra, like blogging! But I'm back with a dynamic new blog post about...CELERY!!!! Are you excited yet????

Probably not because celery is a very boring vegetable. It doesn't taste like much and it's stringy and annoying. Celery is usually only good in soups or if you top it with cream cheese. But what you didn't know is that celery has a magical power: the ability to relieve heartburn. This came in handy when I was pregnant, Tumsless, and had heartburn after eating at a pizzaria one night. Boy was I glad that they served celery with their hot wings!!!

****** This blog post is inspired by my new niece or nephew who will be making an appearance on or around December 15th, 2010. May my beautiful little sister keep celery handy in her fridge for the duration of her pregnancy ******