Friday, April 16, 2010

Break In Those Flip-Flps

I love when the weather is warm enough to be free of tight, restricting, closed-toed shoes and icky sneakers. Once I get my feet into flip-flops, there's no going back. The only thing about flip-flops that I don't look forward to is breaking them in, especially the thong part between your toes. Here is a tip to help break them in.

WARNING!!! WARNING!! WARNING!! Before you read this tip, you have to promise me that you will NOT do this in public! If you promise, you may read the below tip :)

Put on a thin pair of socks, making sure they are a little loose in the toe, then put on your flip flops. It makes a little barrier while you are getting used to the thong part of the flip flop, and eases the breaking in process. Do this for a couple of days (around the house of course), then try it without the sock to finish breaking them in. You might just save yourself a few blisters.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Your Favorite Lunchmeat

I love Black Bear Turkey Breast lunchmeat. The reason I love it so much is because it does not get wet and slimy like many other brand's turkey breast lunchmeat. Sometimes I will find the Black Bear Turkey (from Shop Rite) on sale for a great price and I want to buy several pounds of it, but know that my family will never eat it all before it goes bad. My next choice is to feeze it. The problem with freezing it is that while thawing, it tends to get wet. I have learned to buy the turkey (or any kind of lunchmeat) in half pound increments, then wrap the bare turkey in paper towels and re-bag it before putting it in the freezer. While thawing, the paper towels will soak up any extra moisture, and leaves you with cheap turkey lunchmeat until it goes on sale again!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Get Your (Cup)Cake On!

I recently bought a lot of cake mix that I got for really cheap, which is great because I LOVE cupcakes. Some people dislike making cupcakes because of the mess it often makes when the batter is being spooned into the cupcake liners. Instead of a spoon, I use an ice cream scoop with a thumb lever (or trigger as some brands call it). This greatly minimizes the mess, and also allows you to measure out the batter in each liner uniformly. Go ahead and get your cake on!