Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Caura!

100 Things to Know About 5 Year Old Caura

1. Caura is a goody-two-shoes
2. She likes the attention to be on her, but sometimes gets shy when you ask her to perform something.
3. She loves musicals, particularly Hairspray and The Sound of Music
4. She asks 17,000 questions a day
5. She has a thirst for learning
6. She is a people pleaser, especially a Mommy pleaser. She asks me several times a day, “Are you happy with me?”
7. Her favorite thing to eat for lunch is an egg salad sandwich.
8. She prefers raw peeled carrot sticks to baby carrots or cooked carrots.
9. She says that anything spicy “stings her mouth.”
10. She very cutely mispronounces words like “chipmunk,” instead saying, “chickmunk” or “misk” in stead of “mix.”
11. She has the most beautiful olive-brown colored eyes.
12. She loves to do art projects.
13. She likes to pray for people.
14. Her favorite Princess is Rapunzel.
15. She could sit in any seat in the entire room, but she picks the spot that’s right smack dab next to me.
16. She loves her little sisters.
17. She loves to sing, especially if the song comes with motions.
18. She likes to help me cook and bake.
19. She is an expert hand towel folder.
20. She has maternal instincts.
21. She is smart.
22. She is clumsy.
23. She likes to compliment people on their hair, clothing, jewelry, etc.
24. She can make friends with anyone.
25. She likes to show off how fast she can run.
26. She sleeps in crazy positions.
27. She is very cuddly.
28. Her first pick of an instrument to play is a tuba.
29. She wants to know if the clothes that Saige wears or toys Saige plays with were once hers.
30. She is a people-person. She wants to know everything about everyone.
31. She loves to do handstands.
32. She will keep practicing something until she gets it (such as learning how to snap).
33. Every time we play barbies, we have to end it with a wedding.
34. She falls out of her chair everyday.
35. She is a mean sleepwalker.
36. She loves to be girly.
37. She has ants in her pants.
38. She loves roller coasters.
39. She is impatient.
40. She is a tattle-tale.
41. She wants everyone to be happy.
42. She wants everything to be fair.
43. When someone else wins a game, she is happy for them.
44. She loves to wear dresses, especially if they twirl.
45. She loves to plant flowers and plants in the garden, and gets super excited when they grow.
46. She braces me for news, “Mommy, this is exciting news,” or “Mommy, I’m sorry but I have some not so good news.”
47. She likes to watch videos on YouTube.
48. She likes to watch long movies.
49. If I make pasta or chicken nuggets for dinner, she will tell me that I am the best Mommy in the world.
50. If you leave without saying good-bye and giving her a hug, she gets really upset.
51. She really, really, really wants to learn how to read.
52. She loves to spot animals outside.
53. She loves Saige more than Mommy and Daddy.
54. She has an incredible sense of direction. She can direct you anywhere that she has ever been. It’s freakishly unexplainable.
54. Her favorite animal is a zebra.
55. She loves to go on vacation to Virginia.
56. Her favorite color used to be brown. Now, it’s “all the colors.”
57. She loves to play outside.
58. She is picky about the specific things she eats. For instance, she will only eat one kind of macaroni and cheese.
59. She likes to play that she’s Aubree’s Mommy
60. She wants to hold Saige everyday.
61. She thinks Uncle Matt is a jungle gym.
62. She has “The Grouchy LadyBug” memorized.
63. When she concentrates very hard, she sticks her tongue out to the side.
64. When Daddy leaves in the morning, she runs to the window in the living room to watch his car leave.
65. She gets very excited when she hears Daddy’s car pull up the driveway when he gets home from work.
66. She is a puzzle wizard.
67. Whenever I am cutting up food, she tells me, “Don’t cut your fingers.”
68. She is really excited about kindergarten.
69. She can paint her own nails.
70. She makes it “her job” to unlock and open the door for me.
71. She is missing 3 teeth.
72. She likes to feel her heart “beep.”
73. She loves when I trust her with a “big girl cup” (meaning a glass cup).
74. When she grows up, she wants to be a doctor, teacher, gas pumper, payer (cashier), mom, cooker…
75. When she wants something in a store she often asks, “Mommy, can I have this? Is it on sale? Do you have a coupon?”
76. She likes to help me clip coupons, and circle items in the store circulars.
77. She likes to give away the pictures she colors or paints.
78. After she brushes her teeth, she likes to show me how sparkly they are.
77. She likes to wear my necklaces.
79. She often sings what she’s saying.
80. She eats apples like orange slices.
81. She likes to help make her meals (like stirring the pancakes).
82. She just learned how to draw stars. She’s very happy about this.
83. She loves skittles.
84. Her favorite movie is Tangled.
85. She loves the dollar spot at Target.
86. She loves to Role Play. We act out the Three Little Pigs, pretend we’re running a restaurant, and act out the entire movie of Snow White with the barbies.
87. She likes to tell me what she dreamt about.
88. Her favorite singer is Keith Urban (good girl) and was really upset with me that I didn’t take her to his concert.
89. She asks me if characters on tv are real.
90. She really wishes she could go to Disney World again.
91. She likes to roast marshmallows, but doesn’t like to eat them.
92. She’s very loveable.
93. When we go somewhere, she likes to point out places on the road. “This is where (insert child who rides the bus with her) lives.” “This is where we got our car fixed.”
94. She is mildly scared of dogs, and very scared of thunder and the train in the night.
95. She likes to give treats to dogs at other people’s houses.
96. She loves to reveal any kind of art work to me.
97. When she gets herself a snack, she gets one for Aubree, too.
98. She tells Saige, “You’re a cutie pie!”
99. She has her own form of baby talk.
100. She makes me smile everyday.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


In The Sound of Music, Maria steps off the bus and while on the way to Captain Von Trapp’s house, she sings a song about having confidence. This song is my favorite in the movie because it is relatable today, 46 years after the movie first came out.

My favorite part of the song is: “The courage to serve them with reliance, face my mistakes without defiance, show them I’m worthy, and while I show them, I’ll…show…me…so…let them bring on all their problems. I’ll do better than my best. I have confidence they’ll put me to the test, and I’ll make them see I have confidence in me. Somehow I will impress them. I will be firm but kind, and all those children, Heaven bless them, they will look up to me, and mind me. With each step I am more certain. Everything will turn out fine. I have confidence the world can all be mine, they’ll have to agree I have confidence in me.” (I Have Confidence. Julie Andrews)

My favorite line is “I’ll do better than my best.” What a goal! How many times have we heard and said, “I’m doing the best I can.” With a little effort, we can do even better. I think of a sprinter who has just run their best time. They are proud of their accomplishment, but it doesn’t make them want to retire. It makes them want to work harder so that the next time, they can beat their best time. It makes them want to do better than their best.

I know there are many things in my life that I could be doing better. I think I will make “I Have Confidence” my theme song.