Monday, January 14, 2013

Brown Eyed Girls

I had always envisioned that I would have daughters, beautiful daughters with blonde hair and blue(ish) eyes. I have blue-green eyes, and although my husband has brown eyes, he has several family members with blue or green eyes, I thought we had a good chance. My oldest daughter, Caura, has light brown eyes and my second daughter, Aubree, has dark brown eyes. When I was pregnant with my third daughter, Saige, I thought that maybe this one would have blue-ish eyes. When Saige was born, she had lighter eyes than my other daughters, and I was excited. Then gradually, her eyes got darker, and at 21 months, her eyes are now a slightly darker shade than Caura's.

I look at my Daughters' eyes every day and think they are the most beautiful sets of eyes I have ever seen. You could have called me predjudice against brown eyes at one point because I never would have said they were the most gorgeous. However, I have changed my opinion completely. Here are pictures of each of the gorgeous "eye candy" in which the pictures do not do them justice.