Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Pink and Green "Floo Floo" Party.

Saige turned two, and of course, I had to throw a big party for her. I don't know if "floo floo" has a real definition, but it seemed to describe the theme well!

The Decorations

The Cake

The Pink Lemonade Stand (I asked Danny, "Hey, can you build a lemonade stand for the party?" "I guess. What do you want it to look like?" I showed him a picture. This is what he came up with!)

The Photo Props

My Beautiful Birthday Girl

Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Saige!

My Baby is two. I don't know how that happened. My niece, Ava, turned two in October and I was prepared for Saige to only have half a year left before she turned two. Then my niece, Luci, turned two in December, and I was prepared for Saige to only have 4 months left before she turned two. I got so used to the other girls being two that it seemed like it was taking forever for Saige to turn two. I've been telling people for at least a month that Saige is two. Then, last week, Saige went to the doctor, and the nurse declared her a "big girl now" and put her on the regular kid scale. Saige also started buckling herself into her carseat, and she went to her first movie. It seemed like my little itty bitty baby grew up so quickly in just a week or two! I asked her if she's my "Big Girl" or my "Baby." She told me she was my baby. I think she will always be my baby! Here are 100 things about the Birthday Girl:

1. For a while, instead of saying just “thank-you” Saige would say “thank-you, honey.”
2. She puts too much food in her mouth, and then she spits it all out.
3. If she is done eating her food, she will tell you “I don’t like it” in place of saying “I’m full.”
4. She climbs up and down the ladder to the top bunk with no problems.
5. She likes to wear other people’s shoes, especially one hot pink croc and one light pink croc.
6. She takes a calculator, two phones, and two babies to bed.
7. She tattles on her sisters. She’ll show us that Caura has stuck her tongue out, and Aubree has stomped her foot.
8. She has taken over one of Aubree’s baby dolls as her own, and takes it to bed every night. This is in following in the footsteps of Aubree, who took over one of Caura’s baby dolls and claimed her as her own.
9. Her favorite song is “Happy Birthday,” although she initially pronounced it “Happy Da-day” and now says “Happy Dur-day.”
10. She makes the cutest fish face.
11. When she goes to bed, she needs a kiss, hug, and a high five from everyone in the house.
12. If I tell her to “do nice” she will move her hand across my face and say, “nice.”
13. We sing her “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” before bed.
14. We call going to bed “saying good-night.”
15. She wants to sleep with every blanket in her room.
16. Her favorite shows are “Baby” (which is an on demand nursery rhyme collection), Barney, and Deinsteins (Little Einsteins), but only during the songs.
17. She likes to do things by herself and says “I do yit.”
18. She likes to hold my bag at the store.
19. She likes to feed the chickens with me in the morning. She wants to hold the cup of food going out, and an egg going back into the house. She got used to me saying (about the egg) “Don’t squeeze it,” so now she says “Don’t skeeze it.”
20. She is obsessed with phones. She wants to always make sure I have mine. She wants to hold mine. She wants to watch videos on it. If I get a text, she wants me to answer it immediately. I don’t let her play with it, though, because she once called 911.
21. She was too cool for the baby swing and the high chair before she really was ready to be done with them.
22. She likes to dump out toys just to clean them up.
23. Often when she goes down the steps, she will sit on her butt and say “boing” as she hits the next step.
24. She likes to play on the “rocky rock” (rocking horse).
25. She knows she’s funny.
26. She says “again” all the time.
27. If you ask her “why?” she’ll say “cause.”
28. Sometimes she will burp, and she thinks it’s funny, so she’ll try to do it again and instead makes a growling noise.
29. When I fold clothes, she likes to watch, and as I hold up a new article of clothing, she tries to name the person it belongs to.
30. She has several pairs of shoes, but will only wear the same pair over and over.
31. She loves cookie dough, so whenever I give her a cookie, she asks “cookie dough?”
32. She mimics the Kitchenaid mixer.
33. I can’t sit on the floor very often with her because she’ll want me to play “The Duke of York.”
34. She loves chapstick.
35. She can count to 41: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, durteen, dicteen, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 41.
36. If you ask her to count to 10, she will follow it with ABC’s and then Twinkle Twinkle.
37. When she sings “Twinkle Twinkle” she sings “Up ba ba ba world so high.”
38. When she needs to go to the potty she’ll say, “I go pee pee potty too.” When she wants to eat, she says, “I hummee too.”
39. She has issues with socks. If they are slightly crooked, she wants them off, and she wants a new pair. She also doesn’t like plain white socks, they have to be purple, or patterned.
40. She likes to open and close doors, and when she shuts the door she says, “I shuck a goor.”
41. She used to hate her picture taken, now she’s a ham , and if she’s doing something cute, she’ll say, “take pishure.”
42. Right after she turned one, she would scream a lot because she couldn’t yet talk. We taught her the signs for milk and food. Even after she started talking, she continued to do her version of the sign for “mulk” which was banging the sides of her fists together.
43. She likes to wear pants and shirts with pockets.
44. She is a very good eater, but she still eats the best when it’s off my plate.
45. She likes to share her food with Aubree.
46. She cheers for Caura when she comes off the bus.
47. She likes to help me unload the dishwasher.
48. She is good at blowing her nose, and when she’s done, she’ll tell you it was a “good one.”
49. If she needs to blow her nose, she’ll tell you she has “boogie nose.”
50. She loves to dance. She likes to mimic dance moves.
51. When someone laughs, she laughs too, and will ask, “that’s funny?”
52. She loves both Grandpop, and Poppy.
53. She doesn’t like when food gets on her fingers, clothes, or on the table.
54. When she gets her way, she gives you a smiley face that says, “I won.”
55. She likes to “honk” your nose.
56. She does not like bugs. If she sees a stink bug or ladybug, she’ll point to it and ask you to get it, then she’ll continue to point to the spot and say, “Mommy got it.”
57. She puts a toy bucket on her head and waits for you to call her “buckethead.”
58. She loves to watch the train. She hears it and goes running for the back door yelling “Choo choo!” Then says, “bye choo choo” when she sees the last car.
59. Her favorite color is pink. She started specifically picking pink items before she even knew what the name of the color was.
60. She likes to have her hands traced on paper.
61. Don’t give her a crayon because she will either eat it, pick it, or break it.
62. She likes ponytails, for a few minutes.
63. She loves to jump, especially on the jumpy jump (trampoline).
64. When you get in the car, she will immediately tell you to put your seatbelt on.
65. She calls belts that you wear around your pants a “seatbelt.”
66. She’ll go into the other room and tell you she’ll “be right back.”
67. If she’s not ready to go to bed, leave the room, or stop playing, she’ll say “5 minutes.”
68. If she doesn’t want to wear a shirt or another article of clothing, she’ll say “I don’t want to shirt.”
69. She kisses my booboos.
70. She likes to smell candles.
71. She calls her bottom lip her “boo boo lip.”
72. If you ask her how she got a boo boo, she’ll tell you Ranger scratched her.
73. Her favorite song to hear in the car is “na na oo oo.” (Stories by Go Fish Guys)
74. She calls any chewy candy such as tootsie rolls “gum.”
75. She likes to brush her teeth.
76. When she gets clingy, she will ask you to “hold you “ meaning hold me, or will say “I need you.”
77. When you ask her what a pig says, she snorts instead of oinks.
78. She likes to pray for dinner: “Dear God, Thank ew food, thank ew food, thank ew food, AMEN!”
79. She knows her birthday is “eh eh 8” (April 8)
80. She knows she’s cute.
81. She likes to “help” me cook by sitting on the counter and asking me what everything is, and tells me if things are hot.
82. She likes nail polish way too much.
83. She wants to know where my Ipod and phone is at all times.
84. She can sing most of the words to “Kings and Queens.”
85. She has extremely long eyelashes.
86. She likes to push buttons, like the ones on the Comcast box.
87. If you put a put a short sleeved shirt on her, she will immediately tell you she needs a “fweater.”
88. If you put on a show for her, she will want to hold the remote while watching.
89. She gives very tight hugs.
90. She calls herself “Saige Girl,” which is what I call her.
91. She likes to stick things in her mouth, she even swallowed a penny once.
92. She likes to crawl on the floor and pretend she’s different animals.
93. She likes to blow raspberries.
94. She tells you to “come on” when she wants to go to another room.
95. She points out every doggie she sees.
96. She likes to run in circles with her sisters.
97. She stands on her little chair to turn on the lights
98. She loves bath time, and doing a nakey dance.
99. She likes to play monster.
100. If you tell her to say “I love you” she will instead blow you a kiss.

Happy Birthday, Saige!!!!!