Monday, July 1, 2013

Babies Are Sweet!

Danny's Brother and Sister-In-Law, Ben and Lindsay, are having their first baby, due September 11th! We were so excited to hear the news. Yesterday, we held a Baby Shower for her. Here are some pictures of the day.

The shower was a success! Lindsay even prepared a speech where she shared a little about her Mom giving her the strength to be a good Mom, and also a way to thank everyone she worked with and those who planned her shower. She even gave the planners a very pretty charm bracelet as a thank you. She may not even realize how much she is like her Mom. Her Mom did the same thing at Lindsay's bridal shower, giving out a little gift bag of goodies to all the girls who planned the shower. Last week when I was looking for a gift bag, I found the bag from the bridal shower. The tag was still attached, and Nancy wrote "you are a gift to me." Of course, I cried, but I was also so happy that I didn't throw this little note out all those years ago. It's something I will treasure now.

I know that Lindsay and Ben will be great parents, they are already a fantastic Aunt and Uncle to my daughters. There baby is already so loved, and we can't wait until September when he or she arrives!!!!