Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Only One...Survivor!!!

Danny and I love to watch the tv show Survivor. It is definitely Danny's favorite show, and he has watched it from the very first season. We love everytime Jeff Probst says, "Come on in, Guys!" "Worth playing for?" and of course "The tribe has spoken." We love the endurance challenges, survivor auctions, watching contestant try to catch wild chickens, and contestants getting blindsided. We've enjoyed watching Boston Rob play pretty much a perfect game, Russell Hantz finding immunity Idols, and Ozzie scale trees.

Last year before my fabulous '80's themed 30th birthday party, I decided that for Danny's 30th, we were going to be doing a Survivor theme. Although his party was not a suprise, the Survivor theme was. Thank you to everyone for keeping the theme a secret!!!

Here's a (lengthy) recap:

I made flags and buffs. The Blue Tribe was the UliUli tribe (Blue in Hawaiian) and the Orange Tribe was the Alani Tribe (Orange in Hawaiian)

*I got the logos from

We divided into the two tribes by randomly picking the buffs. The first challenge was an obstacle course.

1st Obstacle: Go over and under the broomstick, Danny vs. Amy

2nd Obstacle: 10 Jumping Jacks, Dale Vs. Kathy

3rd Obstacle: Dizzy Lizzy, Eric vs. Brandon (brothers!)

4th Obstacle: Eat the Mystery Food, Sean and Sissy vs. Ben and Billy

5th Obstacle: Build a Tower of blocks, Jonathan vs. Michael (brothers, again!)

6th Obstacle: Untie Knots: Beki vs. Lindsay

7th Obstacle: Tile Walk: Danny B vs. Ryan

8th and final Obstacle: Crabwalk, Chris vs. Zack

Second Challenge: Fill a bucket of water using water from another bucket (Sorry, couldn't come up with a better name). Each team got a bucket of water. They had to fill another bucket up with the water from the first bucket. The only things provided to transport the water were sponges, however, the contestants used shoes, shirts, hands, and more.

Here is a picture of Ryan throwing the soaked sponge to Ben to cut out the time running back and forth.

Third Challenge: Three in a Row.
Nine plates were layed out in three rows of three. Contestants had to throw a marble on the plates to get three in a row.

Fourth Challenge: Remember the items.
Each tribe was given a set of five items. I layed out the five items in a different order each round, then covered it with a towel. The contestants had to lay out the items in the same order.


Then we did individual challenges.

Individual Challenge 1: Danny Trivia Questions

The trivia challenge determined the three that would go on to the last challenge. Ben, Lindsay, and Michael moved on.

Individual Challenge 2: Endurance
Ben, Lindsay, and Michael had to outlast each other standing on a brick.

Michael was out pretty quickly, followed by Lindsay after we went to one foot.

Ben Wins Survivor Cedar Brook!!!!

Side note: I made "Boston Rob" Cupcakes

The party was a big success and everyone had a great time. It was fun to play Survivor (but without the starvation and getting voted off by people you thought you trusted!)


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  1. Love it! I should definitely have you plan my next party! :-)