Monday, March 17, 2014

Family Tree

The Family Tree is up! My goal was to have generations of wedding pictures. I am so thrilled to have pictures of my Parents and Danny's Parents, four sets of GrandParents, three sets of Great-GrandParents, and one and a half sets of Great-Great-GrandParents!

Danny and Me, Married August 4, 2001

My Parents - David and Doreen Mellor, Married March 25, 1978

Grandparents - Frank and Rhoda Mellor, Married December 23, 1945, pictured with Rhoda's Parents (My Great-GrandParents) Lester and Lillian Lobenstein (middle), Lillian's Brother, Phillip Marcus (right), and Lester's Sister, Sadie Tannenholtz (left).

Grandparents - Doris and Bob Hansen, Married September 1, 1956, along with Doris' Sister, Selma (left) and Doris' best friend (right)

Great-GrandParents - Louis and Mary Hansen (pictured at my Great Aunt Mary Lou and Great Uncle Doug's wedding)

Danny's Parents - Bob and Terry Castagna, Married June 27, 1976

GrandParents - Anna and Louis Castagna

GrandParents - Richard and Rose Stecker, Married July 1, 1957

Great GrandParents - Joseph and Minerva Orbanus, Married May 31, 1941

Great-Great GrandParents - Catherine and Anthony Orbanus, this is not their wedding picture, but they were married on January 23, 1916

Great-Great GrandMother - Roseanna and Husband Ben Shumacher on their wedding day, September 24, 1966

I am so happy with the tree, grateful to Linda Schoonover for painting it, and for all the family members who helped me gather pictures. It is such a pretty and meaningful addition to my living room.


  1. Denise I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I wanted to try to make something like this -- thanks for the inspiration! Also, I just noticed how much Dianne looks like the lady in the picture that is below your mom and dad's wedding party -- the lady in the center with the dark hair, is that your grandmom? Also, the picture of our great grandparents, Hansen, that picture is from my mom mom's wedding. I recognize the dress shes wearing from my mom mom's albums, and I've seen that picture a few times. Love it!!! -- Michelle :)

    1. Thanks! My Mom knew the picture was taken at a wedding, she just didn't know which one! I'll update. Yes, Dianne looks a lot like my Grandmom, Rhoda, my Dad's Mom. Everyone who sees that picture is astonished by the resemblance. I am so happy with it, you should do it, you'll love it.