Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Static Ball

Cold weather means extra static in the dryer. Although it's funny to see Aubree's hair once she takes off her very staticky shirt, static is incredibly annoying. Dryer sheets can only do so much, and lately I've been too cheap to buy another box of dryer sheets (even on sale, with a coupon, and part of a catalina deal). I saw a tip online that said to roll up a ball of aluminum foil and stick it in the dryer, and it will take away the static, so I decided to try it. I pulled out a sheet about the length of two lasagna pans, rolled it up, and threw it in the dryer. I am happy to announce that IT WORKED! There is no static!!!!! The ball of foil (which is now a more compact ball) can be used over and over again to keep the static away. Now I don't have to buy dryer sheets again!!!!

* Update: After a few loads, I noticed the static comes back a little bit and the ball gets smaller. I am going to put in two or three more balls to see if that helps.

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