Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Small Changes to Eating Healthier

Lose weight! Be healthier! Here are some very easy, small changes that can help you to get a little healthier, and possibly lose some weight.

1. Eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. You are not going to lose weight by skipping breakfast. When you don’t eat for long periods of time (for instance eating dinner, then not eating again until lunch the next day) your body will hold on to anything extra that you have on you because it does not know when it will get food again. Also, eat the appropriate food for each meal. No pizza or donuts for breakfast.

2. Will power is over rated. If you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it. Don’t buy all your favorite snacks and then rely on will power to not eat them. If you buy your favorite 5 snacks every week, next week only buy your favorite 4.

3. Switch out one non-water beverage every day for water. Make it your lunch beverage, or only allow yourself to drink non-water beverages during meals, and water during the rest of the day. Work your way to only one non-water beverage a day.

4. “Diet” food will not make you skinny. Sugar free, reduced sugar, low fat, blah blah blah, is not healthy food. Usually this means the sugar/fat/etc. is taken out of the food and either chemical sugar is put in, or extra sugar is put in to make up for the reduction in fat. Don’t fall for it. (*I believe one exception is dairy products).

5. If you want a snack NOW, you will probably grab an unhealthy snack because it’s quick and easy. To avoid this, prep your healthy snacks so they are also quick and easy. For instance, wash your produce all at once, and cut up your pineapples, melons, and carrot sticks, so they are ready for you when you want a quick snack.

6. Trust me, once you make the changes to more healthy food, you will start to get used to it, and you will eventually prefer it over the alternatives. For example, my whole life I would only eat white bread, I thought wheat bread tasted like dirt. Several years ago I decided to suck it up and switch to wheat bread, and it didn’t take long to get used to it. Now, I can’t even eat white bread, the taste and texture is not as good as wheat.

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  1. It really bugs when I see people eat "diet" food on a regular basis, because like you said it isn't healthy. Fat in moderation is good for our bodies because it makes us feel full and when you cut all of the fat out you usually don't feel satisfied and end up eating more. And its so full of chemicals- yuck.