Tuesday, February 28, 2012


For about five years, I have organized a semi-annual clothing swap at my Church. It has been such a blessing to me and to my friends! You get to clean out your closet of the items you no longer want, and you get new (to you) items for free! It's also such a fun night. Here is the breakdown of how it works:

We lay out all the items in categories. Our categories are tops, pants/shorts, dresses/skirts, coats/jackets, jewelry, shoes, bags/belts/scarves/misc accessories, and home decor.

This is the back part of the "tops" section. We fill the pews' seats and backs.


If you like an item, you sign up for it. There is a sheet of paper on each pew. You describe the item and then put your name next to it. If another person likes the item, they can also put their name next to it, too.

Once you've signed up for everything, go eat some refreshments. (It's more fun if you hang the cookie out of your mouth, like Aimee!)

Put everyone's name on a piece of paper and lay it on the floor. Go through each list of items. If only one person signed up for the item, it's theirs! It goes to their pile. If more than one person signs up for it, it goes in one big pile to divy up later. (This part takes mere minutes when everyone helps).

There are two ways that we have divied up the items that more than one person wanted.
1. Everyone draws a number. The person who drew #1 goes to the pile and picks one item of their choice. The person who drew #2 goes the pile next and picks one item of their choice, and so on. Everyone then draws a new number. This way is quick but not very fun...we've only done it this way once.

2. I hold up an item, and everyone that wants it stands up next to me. I then ask them a question such as "What's your favorite ice cream flavor?" They whisper their answer in my ear and once I have all the answers, I announce them to the rest of the swappers. The other swappers then vote for the answer they like best. Whichever person's answer gets the most votes, gets the item. This way takes a while but is much more fun.

The items that were not picked by anyone get donated.

I encourage you to start your own swap. It's a great way to get a new wardrobe without having to spend any money. Some of my favorite clothes are from previous swaps! It also forces you to clean out your closet, and other people benefit from it with the donations.

Please let me know if you have more questions, or if you want me to remember you when we have the next Swap!

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