Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Saige!

Saige Marissa is One today! One! It partly feels like it went by in the blink of an eye, but it also feels about right, mostly because the first few months of little sleep and the demands of a newborn now seem like a world away. She has been the easiest baby, only having a hard time with teeth. I’ve been saying that if all my babies were as easy as Saige, I probably would have had about 10 of them.

This year, Saige gets to celebrate her birthday on Easter. Easter does not fall on April 8th again until the year 2091, Saige’s 80th birthday. (I will be 110, not completely sure I will be able to celebrate this one with her).

Here are some highlights of the year, and things to know about 1 year old Saige:

1. When Saige was born, she was covered in hair, which made her incredibly soft. She had black hair, dark eyes, and was fairly tan due to being in a jaundice “danger zone.” One nurse saw me before she saw Saige and when she went to get Saige for me, she told me that she almost didn’t believe that Saige was my baby. (By about a month, the extra fuzz on her body was gone).

2. When she was born, she kept sticking her tongue in and out.

3. Also when she was born, she screamed and screamed and screamed. Once she calmed down, she pretty much did not cry again the entire time in the hospital.

4. She has always been very mellow. When she was in the hospital nursery for a few hours, a nurse who was watching after her told me, "I kept saying, 'who is this baby?' if I could I would have just played with her the whole time.'"

5. She never took a binkie.

6. When she was teeny, she would yawn and say “ho.”

7. One of her nickname is “Bubbles,” because she was always blowing bubbles even as a newborn. This is why the theme of her birthday party is Bubbles.

8. She has incredibly long eyelashes.

9. She has a cute dimple on her chin.

10. She always liked to mimic sounds and facial expressions.

11. For the first few months, she liked to fall asleep in Danny’s arms, while he held her to the side, facing out.

12. She now rarely falls asleep while being held. She prefers to fall asleep by herself in her crib.

13. To get around before she could crawl, she would lay on her belly, and push with her legs while pulling herself forward with her hands.

14.When she was attempting to crawl, she would get in the downward dog position.

15. She loves to do tricks such as clapping her hands, shuffling her hands, putting her hand to her mouth and doing “aw-wah-wah,” wiggling her tongue back and forth, and waving.

16. She likes to shake her butt to music.

17. Her first real word was “Uh-Oh.”

18. Her response to any question is “uh-uh.”

19. She bites.

20. After I put her in her crib to go to sleep, I peek at her through the crib slats and say, “Good-night, I love you!”

21. She loves to be pushed around outside in the buggy.

22. She gives wide open mouth kisses or she puckers out her bottom lip to give a kiss.

23. Her lullaby is “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.”

24. She laughs so hard when I chase her and say, “I’m going to get you.”

25. She likes to grab Danny’s glasses.

26. She loves to play peek-a-boo. I ask her, "Where's Saige?" and she puts her hands over her eyes, then quickly takes them off and waits for me to say, "there she is!"

27. She gets very happy when the cat is around.

28. She eats peas like most babies eat cheerios.

29. She likes to play with my hair when it’s wet.

30. When the phone rings, she yells her version of “hello!” She also says this when she puts a play phone to her ear.

31. She likes to climb.

32. She can get on and off her rocking horse by herself, and she’ll make a horsey sound by clicking her tongue.

33. She always pulls her socks off.

34. She loves other people’s shoes.

35. She’s had her bangs cut several times.

36. When she was learning to walk, she held both hands up (as in “put ‘em up”) and wore a huge proud smile.

37. She puts everything in her mouth.

38. She’s very ticklish, especially under her arms.

39. She listens when I tell her to “put her head back” while getting shampoo rinsed from her hair.

40. Keyboard locks are no problem for her, she once got through it and called 911.

41. When I sing her “Who loves her Mommy?” She raises her hand while I sing, “I do, I do!”

42. When she’s ready for bed, I ask her, “You want to say good-night?” and if she’s ready, she will wave.

43. Caura and Aubree play a game with her where Saige’s a monster, they run from her, and Saige chases after them and growls.

44. She’s very patient for a baby.

45. I ask her, “Are you One?” while holding one finger up. She then holds her one finger up and touches mine.

46. The easiest way to make her smile is to smile at her first. She can’t resist it.

47. When she got bored of the exersaucer, she decided that playing under it was more fun.

48. When she sees me brushing my teeth, she opens her mouth real wide.

49. Caura, Aubree, and I have been singing the “Happy Birthday” song to her so she won’t be scared of it when a crowd of people sing it to her at her party. At the end of the song, we pretend to blow out the candle. She blows out the candle by either spitting or making an “s” sound.

50. She makes me feel like I am the most important person in the world.

Happy Birthday Sweet Saige!

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  1. adorable ! Happy first Birthday & Easter Saige ! :)