Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Foam Soap = Money Saver

Foam Soap = Money Saver? I know what you are thinking. "The soap in the foam pump bottle is more expensive at the store than the regular pump soap, and you go through it in half the time." True. Another quick fact about these foam soaps is that most of the liquid in the bottle is water (and cleans your hands just as well). So how is this a money saver?

1. Keep the bottle and rinse it out.
2. Buy (or make!) liquid hand soap to refill the bottle. (Try to stay clear of the soaps with moisturizer in them).
3. Pour about an inch of soap into the foam bottle.
4. Fill the rest with water and mix (with a knife or by tilting side to side).
5. Wash hands.

If I buy the 7.5 oz softsoap for a $1, I can probably get about 5 foam pumps out of it, making each refill $0.20.

I recently made my own hand soap as part of the Real Crunchy Summer that I am participating in. I still had some store bought soap to get rid of, and tried the foam soap with that, but I am excited to try my homemade soap with it. It will make each bottle around $0.04 if I use the homemade soap. (To read about how I made my hand soap, click here)

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