Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer: Week 2 Highlights

Our week started with a BBQ at Joann and Jason's house where we got to spend some much needed time with many of our Church family and friends. Joann showed me that you can peel a watermelon (with a knife).

On Tuesday, Caura, Aubree, and I went to the $1 10am movie at United Artist Theater in Sewell. We saw Yogi Bear.

Barrington had their 4th of July parade and fireworks on Tuesday night. We watched the parade, then stood out front of my Mom's neighbors house to see the fireworks.

Poppy drove his '31 Model A pick-up in the parade, and Mom, (cousin) Jessica, Me, Danny, My girls, and Luci watched and collected candy.

On Wednesday, we visited Nanny, Grandpop, Julie, and Ava who were vacationing in Ocean City. It was Saige's first time on the beach, and she was a fan.

On Friday, we went to Adventure Aquarium with new friends.

Saturday was a scorcher and Caura and Aubree spent at least 6 hours in the pool! We were so proud of Caura because she can confidently swim in the deep end.

We had a great week!

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