Monday, March 15, 2010

Deodorant Zebra Stripes

Every morning I put on my deodorant before I put on my shirt. I would rather take the risk of getting deodorant (zebra) stripes on the outside of my shirt than stretch out or wrinkle my shirt by stuffing my hand up to my armpit to put on the deodorant after I put on my shirt.

This morning I put on a form fitting black shirt and was pretty sure that no matter how careful I was, I would have some zebra stripes on my shirt. It didn't bother me too much because I know how to get them off. It reminded of a girl in college that I shared a class with. She was sitting close enough for me to hear another classmate discreetly point out to her that she had deodorant stripes on her shirt. The girl turned red and muttered, "How embarrassing," as she quickly tucked in her shirt. I remembered thinking that tucking in the shirt looked worse, and that I should go over and tell her how to get the stripes off. However, I didn't want to embarrass her further by pointing it out, so I didn't tell her. I've always felt bad that I didn't tell her the trick, so I am going to pass the information along to you and hopefully clear my conscience.

When you spot the stripes, you want to rub them out with a DRY (dry, dry, dry, make sure it's dry) towel. If you spot it later in the day and don't have a towel around, you can use another DRY article of clothing to rub it away (cotton will work the best, silk not so much). You can even pull up the bottom hem of the shirt you are wearing and use that to rub it away. It kind of "dilutes" it, or rubs it in so that you can't see it anymore.

Did I mention that you need the material to be DRY? Because you know that deodorant blocks out the wetness, right? So it will hold firm if you try to rub it out with a wet towel. Just checking.

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