Monday, March 8, 2010

How to Carry Two Plates on One Arm

It is lunchtime and you fill 3 plates with food for you and the two hungry little girls who are in the living room with their trays on their laps, waiting to get their bellies full. You are faced with the dilemma of how to carry the three plates to the living room in the most efficient way. You can either make two trips, or try to balance the three plates in your two arms. The latter most likely results in a dropped plate, an hour trip to the living room gingerly walking while balancing the teetering third plate, or you get a food line on your shirt where you leaned the third plate’s rim on your belly in an effort to stop it from teetering.
There is a way to carry two of the three plates on your one arm. I promise that once you master this, you can do twirls on your way to the living room and the plates will stay in place. I have even done this maneuver with hot soups and filled coffee cups on saucers and have never scalded myself (please say a prayer that I did not just jinx myself). The trick is to get your palm very flat so that the plate is not leaning to one side. Spread your hand out as wide as it will go with your palm side up. Take the lightest or smallest of the three plates and stick it on top of your pointer, middle, and ring fingers. You then hold it in place with your thumb and pinky fingers still spread out as far as they will go on the plate, so that your palm is flat and not leaning to one side. Then, take one of the other plates and plant it on your palm so that it stays secure. Please see the following pictures and PRACTICE!

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