Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dole Squirt Cups

I was a Freshman in college when I was introduced to the Dole Fruit Cup. I loved them because it was an easy way to eat some extra fruit every day, and helped to justify my other lunch snack choice: a TastyKake or Little Debbie. I did NOT love them because when I opened them up, they would squirt juice on my shirt or all over my hand. The juice is clear so it didn't stain my shirt, but it made me feel like such a dufus around all my lunch buddies. In order to keep The Dole Company on my good side, I had to figure out how to cleanly open the fruit cups. One option I have found is to ALWAYS open the cup away from me. With this option, I always make sure I am not sitting across from someone I like, otherwise they might de-friend me if I get the juice on them instead. The other option is to pierce the top plastic seal with a knife or fork to let the air out (which causes the squirt in the first place).

Have you come up with any other tricks for opening fruit cups?

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