Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Part-Time Job for Coffee Filters

I don’t drink coffee. Neither does Danny. However, we still registered for a coffee maker when we got married. I believe the reason was, “for when we have guests over who drink coffee.” That reason is very valid, except that to make coffee for guests who come over, you actually have to buy coffee, and creamer, and coffee filters, and probably some sort of artificial sweetener (which I only did once when my parents came to visit me for my college graduation in Virginia in 2003). The other two times my now 8.5 year old coffee maker was used was when I had birthday parties at my house and my Mother-in-Law brought a little baggie of coffee so that she and the other coffee drinkers could have their fix with their cake. I have to admit that I don’t actually know how my coffee maker works. My coffee filters are also probably as old as the coffee maker. I don’t know if that makes for bad coffee, but they are still good for the only use I have for them: cleaning windows, mirrors, and silverware for streak-free shine. There may be a great micro fiber cloth to keep streaks away from mirrors and windows, but I know regular towels leave streaks, and paper towels often leave fuzz. Next time you clean your windows or mirrors (with glass cleaner, of course) try it with a coffee filter and you will be pleased with the lack of streaks. They are also great for polishing not-completely-dried-yet silverware.


  1. Oooh thats a really good tip, I'll have to try that. Here's a tip for your unused coffee maker. Since jym loves making coffee in his french press we rarely use our coffee maker for coffee. So now I use it to make oatmeal in the morning. I set the automatic timer, put oatmeal, brown sugar, nuts, etc in the carafe, have the water measured and in the machine the night before. The water runs through into the carafe and makes my oatmeal for me! I love waking up to already made breakfast!

  2. Wow, great tip! Do you use a filter in the carafe?

  3. No I don't use a filter in the top part, that way the water just runs through to the pot where the oatmeal is :-)