Monday, November 7, 2011

An Inherited Flaw

For a few weeks I have suspected that Aubree has inherited one of my flaws. Today, it was confirmed.

The flaw is one that not many people are aware of: I throw a pity party for myself when I’m very hungry. I get sad because people don’t care that I’m hungry. I recognized this flaw early in my relationship with Danny. We went to his house and his parents had a bunch of friends over. I was very hungry. I remember feeling very hurt that Danny didn’t care that I was hungry. Then, Danny’s Mom said, “Denise, are you hungry? I made lasagna, you can heat up a piece.” I said thank you and started heating up a piece. Still in pity party mode, I thought, “at least someone cares that I’m hungry.” Danny had done nothing wrong, and I was mad at him. It wasn’t until after I ate the lasagna that I realized what had actually happened. I have since been able to almost overcome this flaw (what? You can overcome flaws? You don’t have to live with the cop-out “it’s just the way I am”?). The pity party sometimes still creeps up, but I understand it now, and can usually squelch it.

Aubree has no idea…yet. This morning she woke up very quiet and grumpy. After being very clingy, she told me she was hungry. I made her some oatmeal, which she wolfed down. A little later while I was upstairs, I heard her crying about something to Danny. She first cried because it wasn’t her birthday. Then she cried because she didn’t have a pink car, and really wanted a pink car. Then she cried because I told her we were only allowed to go trick or treating on Halloween. She wanted me to carry her everywhere and was just a whiney little thing. I asked Danny to take her to work with him. He pretty much laughed at me, and told me to “have a good day.”

While making up Saige’s beloved rice cereal, Aubree saw the bananas and asked for one. She ate about half of one, and instantly her mood changed. She was back to normal. Hunger induced pity party flaw confirmed.

The whole rest of the day, she asked for a pink car. I told her maybe for Christmas. She said ok.

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  1. I'm sure the sound of the whining isn't, but, Aubree is just so stinkin cute!!! :) I get cranky when I'm hungry too.:)