Friday, November 25, 2011

Oooh You're My Best Friend

What makes a Best Friend? I’ve been asked this question before, and since I have THEE best friends a girl could ever have, so I feel that I’m a good person to ask!

You know you have a great friendship when:

1. You can give and take equally in the friendship. Sometimes life can be hard and we need to take more than we give, but it should even out.

2. You have different lives than your friend but that doesn’t affect the friendship. My bestest friend does not have children, has been married for a lot less time than me, and even lived in Sri Lanka for half a year. None of this made our friendship less great.

3. You can tell your friend 100 good things in a row and she won’t be jealous of the good in your life, or you can tell your friend 100 bad things in a row and she will not be annoyed, judgemental, or think you’re a downer. These are also the first people that you want to tell when you have good or bad news.

4. You don’t have to compete with them. If you are going through something difficult, you can talk to them about it without them saying, “well that’s nothing, I’ve got it way worse, listen to my problems.”

5. You can tell them I love you without feeling weird about it.

6. You can have fun with them.

7. You could not see them for a while but then “pick right back up” the next time you see them.

8. You can allow them to see you without make-up, or without a clean house.

9. You can vent to them and they understand that you’re just venting, and they don’t try
to fix it.

10. They make you feel good about yourself!

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