Saturday, November 26, 2011

Deciphering Baby and Toddler Sizes

Baby sizes can be really confusing, especially since many stores display them differently. Here is a quick guide for you.

1. Preemie size is for a Preemie. This is not for a small baby. Usually even if your baby is small, they are still too long for a preemie outfit.

2. Newborn size is a good choice for a smaller baby (under 8 lbs) for about the first month of their life.

3. Month Sizes are displayed differently depending what store you are in. You will see 0-3 or 3 for average babies aged 0-3 months old, and 3-6 or 6 for average babies aged 3-6 months old. Remember when you just see one number, such as 3, that means the baby is up to 3 months, not just became 3 months. This seems to be a confusing point.

4. Now the tricky part. Some stores skip 6-9 months. The reason for this is that babies don’t grow as rapidly during their 6-12 months, and there isn’t much difference between 6-9 month clothing and 6-12 month clothing.

5. The next size is 12-18 months or 18 months.

6. The next size is 18-24 months or 24 months. So in going with the previous patterns, 18-24 should be the same as 2T right? Wrong. This is where it switches. Size 18-24, or 24, is for babies ages 18 months to 24 months. Size 2T is the size for the entire year of the 2 year old child, not up to 2 years old as the previous sizes have followed.

7. 3T is for a 3 year old, 4T is for a four year old, and 5T is for a five year old.

8. Then there are youth sizes 3, 4, and 5. If you go to the front of Gymboree, you will see size 4, if you go to the middle of Gymboree, you will see size 4T. What is the difference? Not much. The “T’s” are usually a little wider in the tushy to allow for a diaper, or if your child still has “baby fat” or hasn’t thinned out to look more like a kid yet. I find that they are not that much different in size. They usually are different in price, however. Youth sizes tend to be more expensive than Toddler sizes.

--Remember that these are made for the average size child. If your child is between the 25-75 percentile, they should be able to follow the sizes according to their age. If your child is below the 25 percentile, they might need to go down a size. If your child is above the 75 percentile, they will need to go the next size up.

--Also Gerber brand is tiny. Buy a size up.

I hope this helps!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Oooh You're My Best Friend

What makes a Best Friend? I’ve been asked this question before, and since I have THEE best friends a girl could ever have, so I feel that I’m a good person to ask!

You know you have a great friendship when:

1. You can give and take equally in the friendship. Sometimes life can be hard and we need to take more than we give, but it should even out.

2. You have different lives than your friend but that doesn’t affect the friendship. My bestest friend does not have children, has been married for a lot less time than me, and even lived in Sri Lanka for half a year. None of this made our friendship less great.

3. You can tell your friend 100 good things in a row and she won’t be jealous of the good in your life, or you can tell your friend 100 bad things in a row and she will not be annoyed, judgemental, or think you’re a downer. These are also the first people that you want to tell when you have good or bad news.

4. You don’t have to compete with them. If you are going through something difficult, you can talk to them about it without them saying, “well that’s nothing, I’ve got it way worse, listen to my problems.”

5. You can tell them I love you without feeling weird about it.

6. You can have fun with them.

7. You could not see them for a while but then “pick right back up” the next time you see them.

8. You can allow them to see you without make-up, or without a clean house.

9. You can vent to them and they understand that you’re just venting, and they don’t try
to fix it.

10. They make you feel good about yourself!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Am Thankful...

1. For healthy children.
2. That the only complaint I have about my Husband is that he doesn’t put the twisty tie back on the bread.
3. For the best friends a girl could ever have: Danielle, Beki, Joann, Shannon, Jaci, Carrie, and Dale.
4. That I get to work at “Stay at Home Mom.”
5. For coupons.
6. For my Crockpot.
7. That I only had to pay for a babysitter like twice in five years.
8. For candy.
9. That Caura’s Kindergarten is half day.
10. That Aubree likes to hold my hand.
11. That Saige smiles every time you smile at her.
12. That praying works and God is good!

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is on Thursday! What a great holiday! It is a holiday that forces you to find something to be thankful for, you get to eat delicious food, and it is a holiday that any American can celebrate (regardless of religion, race, occupation, position in the family, etc.)

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is a very special family tradition: making homemade raviolis. This is a tradition on Danny’s side of the family, and I have been very blessed to be included. The recipe is from Danny’s Great-Great Grandmother, who came over from Italy. They are so fun to make! You make a flour mountain, then make it into a volcano with egg lava in the middle. You mix up the egg and add some flour to make a dough. Then we roll out the dough, add a cheese mixture, and cut out a ravioli. Of course we also get to make a huge mess!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just A Spoonful Of Sugar

The Facebook status question was "Help! How do I get my 3 year old to take her medicine?" This was the boat I was in a few weeks ago with my own three year old, the sweet but "strong-willed" Aubree.

What we tried:

1. Putting the (already grape flavored) medicine on a spoon and expecting her to open her mouth and take it.
2. Putting the medicine on a spoon and telling her that after she took it, she could have a drink.
3. Putting the medicine on a spoon and telling her that after she took it, she could have a piece of candy.
4. Explaining to her why she had to take the medicine.
5. Threatening her with a punishment if she didn't take her medicine.
6. Putting the medicine in a medicine dropper and squirting it into her mouth while holding her down.
7. Putting the medicine in a little bathroom cup and letting her drink it up with a straw. (This was semi-successfull...we were on to something).
8. Doing it the Mary Poppins way, "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!" Success!!!!

We actually put the medicine in a bathroom cup and added some sugar, then let her drink it up with a crazy straw. We had no more problems.

On a side note, yes, I know I've made another reference to another Julie Andrews movie. I love Julie Andrews. I will watch anything with her in it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nature Color Hunt

I took a section of an egg carton and colored in each of the six egg spots with a different color that could be found in nature. I gave Caura and Aubree directions to explore the yard and find something of each color and put it in the correct color spot.

This is what Caura came up with.

She loved it. Aubree, not so much.

On a side note, I had bronchitis the past week. Then I went outside to play and ran all around. Then I started wheezing so badly and could only take very short breaths. Danny then took my spot outside. When Aubree realized that I wasn't coming back out, she came inside and asked me what was wrong. I told her that I couldn't breath very well. She then went into the bathroom, filled up her bathroom cup with water, and gave it to me saying, "Drink this, it will make you feel better." I took a tiny sip. She put it next to me and said, "I put it here if you want more." Then she gave me a hug and I thanked her for taking care of me. She said, "You're welcome."

Sometimes she's a bugger, but she is also so so sweet.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Free Chives!!!!

Chives (also known as scallions or green onions) are used in many recipes. They top potatoes, they are added in soups and stir-fry dishes, and they are used to make sauces. I like chives because they are part of the onion family and have a mild onion taste, but act as an herb.

Do you know that you can continually grow chives from ones that you buy?

Go buy a bunch of chives (they are on sale for a $1 a bag at Acme this week). When you go to chop the chives up, make sure you leave the bulb with at least half an inch of green still attached, making sure you do not cut off any roots. Put the bulb in a tall glass or vase of water, not completely submerging the bulb in water. Place the glass in a sunny spot, such as a windowsill. Every day you will see the chive growing, and in about a week, they will be tall enough for you to have another bunch to chop up. Repeat.

Monday, November 7, 2011

An Inherited Flaw

For a few weeks I have suspected that Aubree has inherited one of my flaws. Today, it was confirmed.

The flaw is one that not many people are aware of: I throw a pity party for myself when I’m very hungry. I get sad because people don’t care that I’m hungry. I recognized this flaw early in my relationship with Danny. We went to his house and his parents had a bunch of friends over. I was very hungry. I remember feeling very hurt that Danny didn’t care that I was hungry. Then, Danny’s Mom said, “Denise, are you hungry? I made lasagna, you can heat up a piece.” I said thank you and started heating up a piece. Still in pity party mode, I thought, “at least someone cares that I’m hungry.” Danny had done nothing wrong, and I was mad at him. It wasn’t until after I ate the lasagna that I realized what had actually happened. I have since been able to almost overcome this flaw (what? You can overcome flaws? You don’t have to live with the cop-out “it’s just the way I am”?). The pity party sometimes still creeps up, but I understand it now, and can usually squelch it.

Aubree has no idea…yet. This morning she woke up very quiet and grumpy. After being very clingy, she told me she was hungry. I made her some oatmeal, which she wolfed down. A little later while I was upstairs, I heard her crying about something to Danny. She first cried because it wasn’t her birthday. Then she cried because she didn’t have a pink car, and really wanted a pink car. Then she cried because I told her we were only allowed to go trick or treating on Halloween. She wanted me to carry her everywhere and was just a whiney little thing. I asked Danny to take her to work with him. He pretty much laughed at me, and told me to “have a good day.”

While making up Saige’s beloved rice cereal, Aubree saw the bananas and asked for one. She ate about half of one, and instantly her mood changed. She was back to normal. Hunger induced pity party flaw confirmed.

The whole rest of the day, she asked for a pink car. I told her maybe for Christmas. She said ok.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"GREEN" Tips that save you money.

Follow these money saving "green" tips!

1.Unplug – unplug electronics and appliances when you are not using them. There are certainly things that need to remain plugged in, such as your refrigerator, but many other things aren’t used daily, or can easily be plugged in and out. This really does save money. Ideas of things to unplug: can opener, toaster oven, microwave, computers, radios, fans, hair appliances, lamps, nightlights, and chargers.

2.Turn off lights when you leave a room. Wait until the last possible moment to turn the lights on. Turn off your TV if you are not watching it. You do not need it for background noise, you are just used to having it on for the background noise. In a week or two, you will be used to not having it on.

3.Be more conscience when using your heating. Keep the temperature as low as you can stand it. You will get used to not being at a constant 72 degrees. Turn your heat way down when you are not at home. There is no need to heat your house all day while you are at work. It won’t take that long to heat it up when you get home.

4.If you use paper towels, use less of them, and reuse them. If you are just using a paper towel to dry your hands, you can hang it up and let it dry out to dry your hands the next time you wash. Or this can be used to clean the counter.

5.When you are done with a dish, scrape the extra food off and rinse it. This will save you time, energy, and water later on when you go to load your dishwasher because you are not scrubbing off the dried on food.

6.When you are loading the dishwasher, don’t keep the water running, turn it on and off when a dish needs to be rinsed. If the dish needs to be scrubbed, then just scrub and wash it, then dry it and put it away. It does not need to go in the dishwasher if it was already washed.

7.Manually dry the dishes when the wash cycle is finished in your dishwasher.

8.Do all your laundry on the same day so that your dryer is running continually. Your dryer uses a lot of energy to heat up. If it is running continually it does not use the extra energy to heat up every time like it would if you did one load each day.

9.If you have a separate freezer, make sure that is full. The freezer uses more energy to keep things frozen when it is not full. If you don’t have the food to fill up the freezer, you can fill up used empty milk jugs and juice bottles with water and line the bottom of your freezer with them. (This is also a great way to reuse!) You can also fill up Ziploc freezer bags with ice that you make (and then use these ice bags when you have a party, instead of buying ice.)

10.If you are just buying one item at a store (such as a birthday card), tell the cashier that you don’t need a bag.