Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Aubree!

1. Her best feature is her smile. You will think about her smile for days after you see it.
2. Her hair does not knot unless it gets something stuck in it.
3. She is a good sharer, if asked nicely.
4. She loves to color (paper, skin, etc).
5. She loves Dora the Explorer.
6. She has such a good imagination. She has imaginary phone conversations every day, She will pretend that people she knows are over visiting. She also makes me pretend cookies.
7. She cuddles her baby doll when she sleeps.
8. She likes to play in the sandbox.
9. She doesn’t mind getting dirty, but wants to clean up promptly after playing in the dirt.
10. She says please and thank you without being told to do so.
11. Her favorite song is “ABCDEFG.”
12. She likes to shake her groove thing.
13. She’s hilarious and she knows it.
14. She is cautious.
15. She wants to do everything by herself.
16. She doesn’t like amusement park rides.
17. She still wants to put everything in her mouth.
18. She likes to brush my hair. She calls it “making me a puppy.”
19. She likes long French fries. She will sort through her pile of fries to eat the “big” ones first.
20. She purposely snorts when she laughs.
21. She likes to push me on the swing.
22. She learned how to snap. She is extremely proud of herself for this feat. It is the cutest thing ever.
23. She likes to sit on the counter and “help” me make dinner.
24. Ask her what her name is, she will say “aubalee.”
25. Caura is her best friend.
26. She is gentle with Saige and loves to make Saige smile.
27. She loves books. She loves to read them herself, or be read to. She especially loves big look and find books.
28. She loves to play (mess) in the sink.
29. She is not extremely social, but will generally attach to one person at each place we go. This person usually does not mind because Aubree will just cuddle with them the entire time.
30. It takes her a little time to warm up to people or activities when in a group.
31. She learns how to do things on her own, and always has. She learned how to drink from a sippy cup and a juice box just by watching Caura do it. She just recently learned how to ride a tricyle, and roll her tongue. All without anyone teaching her.
32. She loves doing movements to songs.
33. She likes to push the buttons on the microwave.
34. Her favorite color is purple.
35. She likes to put everyone else’s shoes on.
36. She likes to be told that she’s “silly.” And likes to tell others that they are “silly.”
37. She’s nuts about nuts, although she calls them all peanuts.
38. She really wants Caura to like peanuts. When Caura says, “no thank you,” when offered nuts, Aubree turns to me for reassurance and asks, “Peanuts are good, right?”
39. She wants to do everything Caura does.
40. She likes to sound out words. To her, every word starts with a “t.” “T-t-t-t-red, t-t-t-t-couch, t-t-t-t-baby.”
41. She likes to pray. She prays for people every night. She also prays for her baby dolls, stink bugs, and for swiper to stop swiping.
42. She lines up all her baby dolls on her pillows when she goes to sleep. Then they all have to be covered by the blanket. Then her favorite doll has to lay on top of her.
43. She has the cutest nakey dance ever.
44. She really gets her feelings hurt if someone other than Mommy or Daddy tries to discipline her.
45. She loves lip gloss.
46. She likes to wear her hair in a braid or a ponytail…for about 10 minutes.
47. She eats so much better if it’s off of my plate.
48. She is “strong-willed.”
49. She likes watching shows on Netflix.
50. She cleans up without being asked, but doesn’t clean up when she is asked.
51. She likes to show her “muscles,” and tell everyone she is “strong” or “big.”
52. She loves to play hide and seek. Her favorite spot to hide is wherever Caura is hiding.
53. She likes to put mousse in her hair.
54. She likes to eat bananas, but only “the white part” (meaning she wants it peeled before I give it to her).
55. She points with her middle finger.
56. She refers to everyone as “he.”
57. She holds up random fingers on her hand and asks me what it means (in sign language).
58. She can now steer her bike and the train at Nanny’s.
59. She can swim “all by herself” (with swimmies).
60. She doesn’t like to go in the pool if it’s too cold.
61. She likes to ask me what time it is.
62. When she gets out of the bath, she likes to see how big her wet footprint is on the bath mat.
63. She loves to snort like the characters on Peppa Pig.
64. She responds better to a whisper.
65. She treats bread as if it were just a plate. She just likes to take off or lick off whatever the bread is holding.
66. She likes to eat peanut butter with a spoon.
67. She likes to brush her own hair.
68. She likes to make Saige laugh.
69. She follows Caura.
70. She can be a bully to Caura.
71. She likes to eat oatmeal when it’s cold.
72. She likes to draw “faces.”
73. She likes to play that I’m her Baby.
74. She likes to answer the questions asked on the kids’ shows.
75. She likes when I spin her around, hold her upside down, etc.
76. She likes to spin on the tire swing.
77. She likes to give me Big kisses, tiny tiny kisses, loud kisses, quiet kisses, quick kisses, long kisses, and lots and lots of kisses.
78. Often when you tell her she looks beautiful, or she did something well, she will say, "I'm a suppah star!"
79. She loves to wear her flip flops.
80. She loves marshmallows.
81. She likes to strap herself into her carseat by herself. She calls it her “magic.”
82. After she brushes her teeth, she likes to show me how sparkly they are.
83. She sleeps with a warm blanket, even if it’s hot out.
84. In the bath, she puts bubbles on her face and says she looks like Santa.
85. She wants to read “Little Red Riding Hood” every night.
86. She likes to take pictures with my camera.
87. She loves her “baby,” a doll that will forever trump all others.
88. She says anything that she really likes is her favorite. (She has several favorite shows, foods, toys, etc.)
89. She likes to smell candles, lotions, lip gloss, etc.
90. You do not want to wake her up before she’s ready. You don’t wake “the dragon.”
91. She has very expressive eyes.
92. She has a great “cheese” face when asked to say “cheese.”
93. She loves feetie pajamas.
94. She doesn’t like to be called any nicknames.
95. She wants to put on my deodorant every day.
96. She says “Bye, Sweetie!” to Caura when she gets on the bus.
97. She likes to get water from the water cooler at Church.
98. She can be extremely meticulous, or “OCD” about things. For instance, she straightens things up in a row and puts things in a pattern
99. She likes to tell people that she loves that she wants to keep them.
100. She is a sweetie and a blessing, and her family loves her very much.


  1. #41 "praying for stinkbugs and for swiper to stop swiping" is my favorite!!! That's why she's my favorite person!