Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have three little Girls. I’ve always known I was going to have Girls. I am completely happy with this. I get to play Barbies and dress up and sing Disney Princess songs all day long. I know America’s ideal is to have at least one boy and one girl, however, I do not in any way feel like I am missing out. I am completely happy and satisfied with my three beautiful, healthy, well-behaved, and fun girls. No, I don’t want to “go for the boy.” No, I was not “trying for a boy” when I was pregnant with Saige. I was trying for a baby, and I got a stinking cute one.

For some reason, when people find out I have Girls they feel the need to tell me, “Ha, just wait until they’re in high school.” Please stop telling me this. Every age so far has brought good and bad, and I’m sure we will get through the less desired parts of the teenage years, and we will find that the good will once again outweigh the bad.

I'd much rather you tell me something encouraging...or just tell me my Girls are cute.


  1. Thanks for this post, Denise. It really hits home for me and makes me feel like I'm not alone. I have found throughout my pregnancy that people have said things like this and it always makes my heart sink a little. "You won't be able to do won't be able to do that when she's born" are the most popular. It's sad that many, but not all people want to focus on the negative. I am CRAVING a comment like "just wait until you can have your first real conversation with her" or "you're going to have times when you feel so incredibly fulfilled." We as women know that not every second is sparkly and clean. Nobody needs to remind us. Also...I teach high school girls and they truly get a bad rap. They're some of the most complex and hilarious creatures on earth and I know your girls will bring you so much laughter and so many great memories in all of their years. I guess the negativity has inspired me to focus on the positive and that's a good thing. It has also taught me to surround myself with positive people. Like you. <3

  2. Your girls are SUPER cute and I love them all!!! I love seeing Saige's little personality come out! I'm still giggling at her sticking her tongue out at George:) Just wait, pretty soon Caura will be reading princess books to Aubree and Saige and it's so stinkin sweet:)