Monday, October 24, 2011

Mother's Have Three Arms

Mothers have long said that when they have a child, they should also get a third arm. However, Mothers don’t need to look ridiculous with a third arm sprouting out of a random part of their body. They already have three arms, it’s just that the third arm is not in the form of an actual arm. When their two arms are full, the Mother’s third arm comes in the form of…
…their toes, to pick things up off of the floor.
…their chin, to hold the bottle that is feeding their baby.
…their mouth, to open things.
…their child’s own arms, to hold on to their Mommy while she is using her real arms.
…bags/pockets/bra straps, to hold things
…armpits and elbows, to hold even more things (you know Mommy’s have to hold a lot of things)
…their breath, to blow the baby’s too long bangs out of her eyes
…their shoulder, to hold the phone to their ear when they are holding a child in one arm and fixing the ponytail of the other child with their other arm.
…their knee to hold up their child against the sink so she can wash her hands.

The funniest thing about this third arm, is that Mothers use them without even thinking of it, and without much difficulty. The rest of the world sees the Mother using their “third arm” and often will offer to help them because they look like they are having a difficult time. However, the very resourceful Mother will usually say, “No thanks, I’m fine.”

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  1. I can now totally relate to this! I have been using my big toe on a regular basis to type on my computer when I'm nursing Liam.