Monday, October 10, 2011

Quick Tips

Here's a little list of random tips that I felt were important enough to share, but that weren't important enough to have an entire post written about each one.

1. When you bring a “wishing well” item to a bridal shower, don’t wrap it. If it’s special enough to wrap, give it with the regular gift. You don’t have to wrap a bottle of dish detergent. Also, don’t demand that the bride “open the wishing well” at the shower. Again, we don’t really need to see that she got a bottle of dish detergent.

2. Don’t throw out your rotting bananas. These are the bananas that make the best banana bread and banana cookies.

3. Use a lint roller to get off dust on your lamp shades.

4. If you don’t have a lint roller (for lamp shades OR clothes), roll a piece of tape around your fingers sticky side out, and use that.

5. Peroxide is pretty good at getting blood out of fabrics.

6. Before you put conditioner in your hair, squeeze out the excess water. It will make your conditioner work better because it will be less diluted.

7. Don’t ever wear white underwear under white skirts and white pants. Wear flesh colored underwear. Please.

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