Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Save On Christmas Gifts

Who needs to save money while buying Christmas presents this year? (I mentally just saw hundreds of hands raised). There are so many ways to save at Christmastime that you should never have to pay full price. Here are several ways to save this year (warning, I’m giving you a lot of websites):

1. Use coupons. With today’s economy, stores need your business. They put out coupons and deals to get your business.

2. Sign up for the email and mailing lists at your favorite stores. They will email and/or mail you coupons and promotional information. Set up a separate email account so these type of emails don’t get mixed in with your personal emails.

3. If you shop on line, please please please use one of the rebate sites, such as How does this work?
-You sign up.
-When you go to shop online, go to first and type in the store you are planning to shop in.
-The website will list all coupon codes available for this store, as well as the percentage of cash back that you will receive after you finish your shopping. (For instance, if Old Navy is offering 5% cash back, and you spend $50 dollars, you will get $2.50 in cash back).
-You click on the store and a “ticket” pops up and automatically directs you to the store.
-Within a few days, you will receive your cash back in your account.
-Ebates will then send you a check quarterly. This really works. I’ve been using this website for over a year. If you do decide to sign up with, please use my referral link:
When you make your first purchase, I will get $5 for referring you, and you will also get a $5 or $10 gift card.

4. Check out daily deal sites. These are sites such as and They have daily deals where you can buy vouchers to stores, restaurants, and for services for about half the price you would normally pay. For instance, I recently bought a $20 voucher for Whole Foods Market for $10. Last year for Christmas I bought a $50 voucher for Coldwater Creek (my Mother-In-Law’s favorite store) for only $25. I got to buy her $50 worth of clothes and I only had to pay $25. It was great! There are so many of these type of sites, if you want a list of all the daily deals, go to Every day this website lists all the daily deal site deals available.

5. There is a website called This website allows you to buy a gift certificate for a restaurant. You choose your denomination. For instance, you can buy a $25 certificate for $10. This will be in the form of a printable page. My idea is to find the recipient’s favorite restaurant, and buy a gift certificate for $10. Then, when you give the gift, add in an extra $15 in cash for them to use at the restaurant. They then will have $40 to spend at the restaurant, but it only cost you $25. *Just so you know, this website often has sales making the $25 certificate as low as $2 to buy.

Now, go get a head start!

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