Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Runway: All Stars

Project Runway is my favorite show. I love the idea of taking unknown designers, seeing what they can do, then projecting them into a career. So, I was not necessarily excited to see that the next season of Project Runway was of an “all-star” cast. Of course I would watch it, because it’s still Project Runway, but my two thoughts on this were:

1. They already had a shot.

2. It made it apparent to me that the show’s number one reason for existence was about being a reality show, not a means for designers to make themselves known.

I was a little disappointed. I thought Project Runway was better than shows like America’s Next Top Model, where the Model wins, and you never ever ever see or hear anything about her ever again.

The first episode aired and the prizes were announced. There are tons of prizes, but two of them made me believe in Project Runway again: Guest editor for a year for Marie Claire magazine, and a specialty boutique in Neiman Marcus. These are prizes that are great for an actual career.

I was initially upset to see that Heidi, Michael, Nina, and Tim were not part of this season. However, I think it’s better for the contestants to have new judges that won’t judge them on their past work. (But seriously, Isaac Mizrahi as a judge? Boo.)

I am rooting for Mondo. I don't think I would ever wear his clothes, but I think he is the best designer, and he's not mean to the other designers.

Who are you rooting for?

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