Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why Must the Devil Have All The Great Music?

I was introduced to Christian music when I first started going to Camp Haluwasa, and was heavily influenced by my friend, Christina. We would play DC Talk's Free At Last Album over and over again. We could sing every word to every song, and could tell you what band member was singing any given set of lyrics. This was back when Christian pop, rock, rap, or alternative music was relatively new, and we listened to it for the sheer entertainment of it. It provided a great alternative to the Rump Shaker songs on the secular stations (but also caused great controversy in the Christian world because bands were putting Christian lyrics to the "devil" music - hence the song "Why Must the Devil Have All The Great Music?")

There were songs about friendship.

There were songs about giving it all up for Jesus.

There were worship songs.

There were songs about what kind of girl to be, and for the guys: the kind of girl to look for.

There were love songs: (Danny and My wedding song...aww)

There were songs about keeping strong in your beliefs when the world tells you you're wrong.

There were songs about being a good example to Christians and non-Christians.

There were songs that showed you that the Bible is relevant even today.

There were songs that were just plain goofy and fun.

I miss this kind of Christian music. Although I like today's Christian music themes of "God I'm Broken and I need You" and "God You're Awesome" I think it's also ok if Christian music was entertaining to Christians, and not just Praise and Worship songs.

I am encouraged by the new "Newsboys" song God's Not Dead (But I still think it's really weird that DC Talk's Michael Tate is the new lead singer of Newsboys. Kind of makes it a DC Talk/Newsboys hybrid).


  1. Love this!! :) I am going to be playing each of these videos in the background while I update my blog! :) ps- "She's that kinda girl" was on a tape that Greg made for me when we were!

  2. Just showed Greg your post- he is crazy about music- and, he is begging me to provide you a list of current Christian music...entertaining CCM! LOL! I'll facebook you the links he wants you to hear. If you're like me (which I know you are) you aren't going to like these "headbanger", I mean, "headache causing" songs! AH!!!

  3. Liz, I totally believe that Greg did that!

  4. Totally agree with you on the Michael Tate/Newsboys merge. I haven't listened to them yet but when I heard he was going to be the new lead singer I thought how is it going to sound like the Newsboys. Tate has such a distinctive voice that makes me immediately think DC Talk.

  5. How about 'Move' by Mercy Me? Pretty high up on the fun factor AND great lyrics! :-)