Monday, January 9, 2012

Where'd You Get Those Names?

I often get asked, “How did you come up with your Daughters’ names?”

Caura Simone.

I had the name Caura picked out since I was about 12 years old. My friend Jackie’s older sister had a friend named Tara, pronounced Tar-a, not Ta-ra. I remember thinking that was neat, and what other names could we pronounce in a similar way? Sarah became Sar-a, Dara became Dar-a, and Cara became Car-a. Then I stopped and thought, “Car-a, that’s a really pretty name!” When I found out Caura was going to be a girl, Caura was automatically the name, and decided to spell it Caura because it looked liked and rhymed with Laura. I always liked the name Simone, and thought it went well with Caura. At one point I switched it to Caura Grace, but went back to Caura Simone (and I’m glad I did!)

Aubree Rose.

Danny’s Grandmother’s name is Rose, and I always thought that would make a great middle name, although I didn’t think it sounded good with Caura. During my second pregnancy, we decided the middle name was definitely going to be Rose, and then kept coming up with ideas of first names that sounded good with Rose. I always liked the name Bree, so I suggested it to Danny. He liked it, but wanted something a little more. We decided on Aubree, and that we could call her Bree if we wanted to, which is also why we didn’t spell her name the traditional way: Aubrey. (By the way, 3 year old Aubree does not want to be called Bree. She says her name is only Aubree. She actually gets a little mad if you try to call her anything else. Oh well.)

Saige Marissa.

My entire pregnancy, Saige’s middle name was going to be Saige. I felt very connected to the name Saige, but thought it was a little too weird to be a first name. Danny liked any name that ended with “issa” such as Marissa and Larissa. However, we decided on Ella Saige. We both liked the name, but neither of us were completely sold on it. Early on I mentioned the idea of making her first name Saige, and Danny vetoed it. Then, a few weeks before she was born, Danny suggested making her first name Saige, and I vetoed it, saying it might be a little too weird. Five days before she was born, my friends Shannon and Beki were the voice of reason with the name Saige. While visiting Shannon, I asked her if she thought the name Saige was too weird. Her reply was, “It’s not any weirder than Caura and Aubree.” She was right! Later I talked to Beki on the phone and told her about my conversation with Shannon and she asked, “Who said the name Saige was weird?” No one did! I was the only one who said it was weird. Danny “let” me have Saige as the first name, and I “let” him have Marissa as the middle name. Saige was the right name all along, I just had it in the wrong spot!

How did you come up with your kids’ names?

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  1. So sweet Denise! Love learning how mama's pick their baby's names!
    With Wes he was originally going to be Henry.. I LOVE the name Henry. For the first 4 months (in bed!) i would rub my belly and think Henry ( i just had a feeling it was boy!). But while I was sick I had nothing to do but watch TV shows, and it was then I discovered Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I fell in love with the show, and particularly one character...Wesley. He was dorky and sweet, and he reminding me so much of James that I just latched on to that name. J loved the name too! He was Wesley before we were even sure he was a boy!
    Penny we had picked out since before she was even in my belly! We're big fans of the Big Bang Theory (another show I found while sick and pregnant!) and we both just loved the name Penny. We wanted her to have a full name so she could choose when she's an adult what she wants to be called, so Penelope it was! And her middle name(s) Melissa, is my sister's name..she was a HUGE help to me throughout my pregnancy with penny, and Rose was suggested by J's Sister Geneva. We did two middle names because Geneva has two middle names too!